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An opaque structure used as the base of all interface types.



  • TypeInterface




name: string


  • Returns the corresponding #GTypeInterface structure of the parent type of the instance type to which g_iface belongs. This is useful when deriving the implementation of an interface from the parent type and then possibly overriding some methods.

    Returns TypeInterface

  • add_prerequisite(interface_type: GType<unknown>, prerequisite_type: GType<unknown>): void
  • Adds prerequisite_type to the list of prerequisites of interface_type. This means that any type implementing interface_type must also implement prerequisite_type. Prerequisites can be thought of as an alternative to interface derivation (which GType doesn't support). An interface can have at most one instantiatable prerequisite type.


    • interface_type: GType<unknown>

      #GType value of an interface type

    • prerequisite_type: GType<unknown>

      #GType value of an interface or instantiatable type

    Returns void

  • Returns the #GTypePlugin structure for the dynamic interface interface_type which has been added to instance_type, or %NULL if interface_type has not been added to instance_type or does not have a #GTypePlugin structure. See g_type_add_interface_dynamic().


    • instance_type: GType<unknown>

      #GType of an instantiatable type

    • interface_type: GType<unknown>

      #GType of an interface type

    Returns TypePlugin

  • instantiatable_prerequisite(interface_type: GType<unknown>): GType<unknown>
  • Returns the most specific instantiatable prerequisite of an interface type. If the interface type has no instantiatable prerequisite, %G_TYPE_INVALID is returned.

    See g_type_interface_add_prerequisite() for more information about prerequisites.


    • interface_type: GType<unknown>

      an interface type

    Returns GType<unknown>

  • prerequisites(interface_type: GType<unknown>): GType<unknown>[]


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