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alignment?: Pango.Alignment
can_focus?: boolean
clip_fill_rule?: GooCanvas.CairoFillRule
clip_path?: string

The sequence of commands describing the clip path of the item, specified as a string using the same syntax as in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) path element.

description?: string
ellipsize?: EllipsizeMode
fill_color?: string
fill_color_gdk_rgba?: Gdk.RGBA
fill_color_rgba?: number
fill_pattern?: any
fill_pixbuf?: Pixbuf
font?: string
font_desc?: FontDescription
height?: number
line_join_miter_limit?: number
line_width?: number
stroke_color?: string
stroke_color_gdk_rgba?: Gdk.RGBA
stroke_color_rgba?: number
stroke_pattern?: any
stroke_pixbuf?: Pixbuf
text?: string
title?: string
tooltip?: string
transform?: any
use_markup?: boolean
visibility_threshold?: number
width?: number
x?: number
y?: number


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